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Published/accepted articles in peer-reviewed journal and book chapters
  1. Saucier A., McKinnon, B., Nasri, B., Carabali, M., Charland, K., Pierce, L., Zinszer, K. Generalizability of anti-SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence estimates to the Montréal pediatric population: a comparison between two weighting methods.

  2. Romero-Leiton, J. P., Sekkak, I., Arino, J., & Nasri, B. Mathematical modelling of the first HIV/ZIKV co-infection cases in Colombia and Brazil. 

  3. Alissen Peterson, Jhoana P. Romero-Leiton, Pablo Aguirrea, Kamal R. Acharya, Bouchra Nasri. Assessing the Impact of Mutations and Horizontal Gene Transfer on the AMR Control: A Mathematical Model

  4. Nasri, B. R., Rémillard, B. N., & Thioub, M. Y. Are Information criteria good enough to choose the right the number of regimes in Hidden Markov Models?

  5. Awasthi, R., Nagori, A., Mishra, S., Mathur, A., Mathur, P., & Nasri, B. Managing the Infodemic: Leveraging Deep Learning to Evaluate the Maturity Level of AI-Based COVID-19 Publications for Knowledge Surveillance and Decision Support.

  6. Sekkak, J. D. Kong, M. El Fatini and B. Nasri. Containing and managing an emerging disease outbreak: a stochastic modelling approach.  

  7. J. Denis-Robichaud, E. Rees, P. Daley, C. Zarowsky, A. Diouf, B. Nasri, S. de Montigny, and H. Carabin. Linking opinions shared on social media about COVID-19 public health measures to adherence: repeated cross-sectional surveys of Twitter use in Canada.

  8. D. Bouggar, M. El Fatini, I. El Hichamy, B. R. Nasri, and I. Sekkak. Probability analysis and near-optimal control for a stochastic epidemic treatment model with relapse.

  9. Awasthi, R., Nagori, A., & Nasri, B. Global generalisability of AI-driven COVID-19 vaccination policies: a cross-sectional observational study. 

  10. P. Krupskii, B.R. Nasri and B.N. RémillardOn factor copula-based mixed regression models.

  11. B. R. Nasri and B. N. Rémillard. Semiparametric inference for copulas of arbitrary distributions. 

  12. Y. Bodryzlova, B. Nasri, Y. Kestens, E. Bélanger, and G. Moullec. Dynamic models of health asset for positive cognitive health of older adults: a secondary analysis of the longitudinal SHARE data.

  13. El-Mousawi, F., Mundo Ortiz, A., Berkat, R., & Nasri, B. The Impact of Flood Adaptation Measures on Affected Population's Mental Health: A mixed method Scoping Review.


  1. Y. Sharma, E. Laison, T. Philippsen, J. Ma, J. Kong, S. Ghaemi, J. Liu, F. Hu, and B. Nasri. (2024). Models and data used to predict the density and distribution of Ixodes scapularis (blacklegged tick) in North America: a scoping review. The Lancet-regional health – americas 

  2. D. Bouggar, M. El Fatini, B. R. Nasri, R. Pettersson, and I. Sekkak. (2024). Stochastic near-optimal controls for treatment and vaccination in a COVID-19 model with transmission incorporating Lévy jumps. Stochastics

  3. Mundo Ortiz, A. I., & Nasri, B. (2024). Socio-demographic determinants of COVID-19 vaccine uptake in Ontario: Exploring differences across the Health Region model. Vaccine

  4. M. Sadoine, A. Smargiassi, Y. Liu, P. Gachon, M. Fournier, G. Dueymes, J. Namuganga, G. Dorsey, B. Nasri, and K. Zinszer. (2024) Predicting malaria risk considering vector control interventions under climate change scenarios. Scientific Reports.

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  7. Gabet,  S., Thierry, B.,  Wasfi, R.,  Simonelli, G.,  Hudon, C.,  Lessard, L., Dubé, E., Nasri, B., Kestens, Y.,  Moullec, G. (2023). How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting our life, mental health, and well-being? Design and preliminary findings of the pan-Canadian longitudinal COHESION Study. BMC Public health

  8. S. Boligarla, E. K. Elolo Laison, J. F. Li, R. Mahadevan, A. Ng, Y. Lin, M. Y. Thioub, B. Huang, M. Hamza Ibrahim, and B. Nasri.  (2023) Leveraging Machine Learning Approaches for Predicting Potential Lyme Disease Cases and Incidence Rates in the United States Using Twitter. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making

  9. Sekkak, I.*, Nasri, B., * and Rémillard, B.*, Kong, J., El Fatini, M. (2023) Higher order perturbation and data analysis of a SIQR model with short- and long-term prophylaxis. Communications in nonlinear science and numerical simulation

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  14. Sekkak, I. and Nasri, B. (2023) An optimal control approach for public health interventions on an Epidemic-Viral model in deterministic and stochastic environments.

  15. K. Acharya, J. Romero-Leiton, J. Parmley, and B. Nasri.  (2023) An identification of the elements of models on antimicrobial resistance of bacteria for assessing their usefulness and usability in One-Healthdecision making: A protocol for scoping review. BMJ Open

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  17. Driss, B.*,  El Fatini, M.*, El Hichamy, I*, Nasri, B*, Sekkak, I*.  (2022) Near-optimal stochastic control for radiotherapy treatment in a random cancer model. Systems and Control Letters.

  18. Csörgő M, Dwason D, Nasri BR, Rémillard BN . (2022) A review of empirical processes and its applications in probability and statistics: A random walk through empirical processes. Canadian Journal of Statistics.

  19. Rees EE, Avery BP, Carabin H, Carson CA, Champredon D, Dougherty B, Nasri BR, Ogden NH (2022). Effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission in Canada and their association with COVID-19 hospitalisation rates. Can Commun Dis Rep. 

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  26. Nasri, B. R. , B. N. Rémillard, and M.Y. Thioub (M.Sc. student) (2020). Goodness-of-fit for regime-switching copula models with application to option pricing. Canadian Journal of Statistics. 

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  34. Nasri, B., S. El Adlouni, and T.B.M.J Ouarda (2013). Bayesian estimation for GEV-B-Spline model. Open Journal of Statistics 3:2, 118-128. 

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