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Bouchra R. Nasri, Ph.D.


  • Assistant professor, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine - Université de Montréal (Canada).

  • Regular member of the CReSP

  • Regular member of the RRSPQ

  • Regular member of the RIISQ

  • Member of the Fin-ML CREATE program

  • Regular member of the StatLab of CRM


Webpage at ESPUM



Research interests


Biostatistics, Multivariate statistics, Dependence models, Big data, Time series, Spatio-temporal modelling, Mathematical modelling Evidence-Synthesis methods, Infectious diseases modelling

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Professor Nasri is a faculty member of Biostatistics in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine. Prof. Nasri holds an FRQS Junior 1 award in Artificial Intelligence in Health and Digital Health and is a principal investigator on grants funded by NSERC and CIHR in theoretical statistics for complex data and mathematical modelling for infectious diseases. She is a co-lead of the data management theme (2021-2024) of the One health modelling network for emerging infections funded (OMNI) and a member of Mathematics for Public Health (MfPh) funded by NSERC and PHAC. Since March 2023, she has been nominated as Chair of PathCheck's Data Informatics Center of Epidemiology. Prof. Nasri authored and co-authored several papers on time series, dependence modelling, multivariate statistics, mathematical modelling for infectious diseases, text mining, and evidence synthesis. Her lab focuses on developing models for infectious diseases and public health threats. 

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